Which Type of Anaesthesia Is Used During Abortion?

During the abortion, one of the biggest concerns for patients is whether they will feel pain or not. Although the pain threshold varies from person to person, vacuum aspiration is a painful procedure in general. Therefore, in order to provide the patient comfort, it is necessary to choose one of the methods of abortion with local anaesthesia or general anaesthesia (abortion in a sleep-like state) instead of practicing it without anaesthesia administration. The type of anaesthesia to be administered is given as a shared decision accordingly to the patient’s preference and the doctor’s recommendation.

Is Abortion Necessary After A Miscarriage?

Approximately half of all miscarriages do not require an abortion. These are called complete miscarriages, in which all of the pregnancy tissue is expelled from the uterus. It is necessary to have an abortion in incomplete miscarriages, in which tissues remain in the uterus. A complete miscarriage may be expected in incomplete miscarriages, however, a careful follow-up process is required for bleeding and infection, and in some occasions antibiotic use is necessary. Since this process takes a long time, it is healthier to have an abortion instead.

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