What to Pay Attention Before Abortion?

What the Patient Should Pay Attention to:

If possible, go to the clinic where the operation will be performed with a friend or spouse who will accompany you after the procedure.

For vacuum aspiration to be applied in a sleep-like state, stop eating and drinking up to 4 hours before the procedure. Stopping eating and drinking for 4 hours is not a requirement that is merely specific to abortion surgery, but it is to eliminate the risk of aspiration pneumonia due to general anaesthesia. The general anaesthesia we are talking about here, as we have mentioned before, is a light sleep state that we call sedation anaesthesia.

Go to the toilet to empty your bladder right before the procedure.

To find out if there is a blood incompatibility, your doctor will definitely ask you about your blood type. Therefore, go to the clinic where the abortion will be performed knowing your blood type beforehand. If the patient’s blood type is negative and her husband’s blood type is positive, it means that there is a blood incompatibility. If your blood type is negative, be sure to find out the blood type of your spouse or partner. If there is blood incompatibility, anti-D immunoglobulin (blood incompatibility injection) should be administered to the patient in 72 hours after the abortion. This injection will eliminate the risk of disability in the baby due to blood incompatibility that may occur in the next pregnancy.

If you have any chronic disease or medication you use regularly, inform your doctor.


What the Doctor Should Pay Attention to:

Before the abortion procedure, a detailed history of the patient’s general state of health is obtained. It is determined whether there is an issue regarding the health status of the pregnant patient that will cause an impediment during the abortion process. In case of a risky situation, abortion is carried out after the necessary tests are done.

After obtaining the history of the patient, the gestational age is assessed by ultrasound. If the gestational sac is visible by ultrasound, vacuum aspiration is performed. If abortion is performed without the sac being seen, the ectopic pregnancy may be overlooked or the fetus may not be taken.

In cases where no gestational sac is seen on ultrasound, Beta hCG levels should be checked in the blood. If the value is above 1500-2000 miu/ml, the sac needs to be checked with the vaginal ultrasound. If the gestational sac is not seen, it is diagnosed as an ectopic pregnancy. If the Beta hCG level is below 1500 miu/ml, then it is necessary to examine again with ultrasound after 1 week.

If the procedure is to be performed under general anaesthesia, an anaesthesiologist should also be present during the abortion procedure.

Before the abortion, a signature is obtained from the patient stating that the pregnancy is allowed to be terminated. This consent form remains confidential and is never shared with official institutions or any other person. And no one can access this information without the consent of the patient.

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