What is Abortion?

Abortion (curettage) is a surgical procedure performed to terminate a pregnancy. Abortion, also known as removal of the fetus, termination of pregnancy, curettage, is actually a medical miscarriage performed surgically.

Abortion or curettage literally means “scraping”. In the past, since the uterine wall was scraped with metal instruments called curettes, it was called “curettage,” in other words, “scraping” . However, in today’s modern medicine, instead of scraping, a special method called uterine evacuation vacuum aspiration method, and which does not harm the inner layer of the uterus, is now more preferred.

Abortion or curettage, which is performed to terminate an unwanted pregnancy or a desired but an unhealthy pregnancy, can be legally carried out in pregnancies up to 10 weeks. Pregnancies in later periods that need to be terminated due to drug use, mother’s life being at risk, or the child would be born with a disability can be terminated by the decision of the health board.

The abortion procedure performed during pregnancies can also be carried out if there are some gynaecological problems such as thickening of the lining of the uterus unrelated to pregnancy, and irregular menstruation. A curettage performed without the termination of pregnancy is called “probe curettage”. In probe curettage, a piece of the uterus is taken and sent to pathology. By this, both diagnosis and treatment are accomplished.

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