Water Birth

Water birth is when the mother gives part or whole of the birth in a special pool filled with warm water. The soothing effect of the water is benefitted from in some births. The mother spends the first stage of labor, which is the process of reaching the full opening of the uterus with contractions, in water, but the delivery is performed outside of the water. In some births, the delivery process is completed in the pool.

With the water birth method, which has been used frequently all over the world in recent years, the expectant mother has a much more comfortable and painless childbirth. The method, which helps to minimise the traumas that can be experienced during delivery for both the mother and the baby, is also successfully applied in our country.

It is crucial to prepare the mother in the best possible way for water birth. If water birth is to be preferred, it is essential for the mother to receive training on this subject and to learn all stages of childbirth in a practical way. The hygienic and medical adequacy of the place where the delivery will take place should also be carefully examined in case of any complications during the delivery. It is vital for both the mother and the baby to make the necessary examinations of the mother before the delivery and to make sure that there are not any obstacles for a water birth. Water birth is not recommended in cases such as multiple pregnancy, growth retardation, diabetes, or high blood pressure.

Opinions From Patients

  • Aşkın Hoca hamileliğim boyunca çok ilgili ve güven vericiydi. Tecrübeli, güler yüzlü ve samimi bir doktor. Her şey için çok teşekkür ederim.
    Duygu D.
  • Riskli bir hamilelik geçirdim. Hem hamilelik sürecimde hem de doğumda Aşkın Hoca'nın soğukkanlı ve güler yüzlü yaklaşımı sayesinde bebeğimi sağlıkla kucağıma alırım.
    Alev A.


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