Vaginismus is an anatomical and sometimes psychological disease that can cause involuntary contraction of the woman during sexual intercourse, resulting in the inability to have sexual intercourse or the pain in the woman. Although most of the time no medical reason for vaginismus can be detected, the woman’s prejudices towards sexuality; restrictions that build up in her mind as a result of social pressure, sexual harassment, etc. can cause vaginismus. Recognizing vaginismus may not always be easy. However, symptoms such as fear of sexuality, fear of the gynecologist, contraction during sexual intercourse, and painful sexual intercourse indicate vaginismus.

Vaginismus treatment yields very successful results, especially in recent years with the increase in awareness on the subject. The crucial point in treatment is to plan the process in accordance with the patient’s complaints. In addition to psychological treatments, the exercises we call vaginismus exercises are very effective in the treatment of the disease. In some patients, satisfying results are obtained with just exercises, while in others psychological treatments for trauma are preferred. There are also combined treatment methods in which psychological treatment and exercises are applied together. Vaginismus exercises; breathing technique, kegel exercises, mirror exercises and finger exercises are the most frequently used methods.

Breathing Technique

Breathing technique is an important exercise that provides relief for contractions, which is the most obvious symptom of vaginismus. The important point in the treatment of vaginismus is relaxation. With the correct breathing technique, it is aimed to relax physically and psychologically and to prepare for other exercises.

Kegel Exercise

Kegel exercise is an exercise based on the strengthening of the pelvic muscles surrounding the vagina. It aims to prevent involuntary contractions by strengthening the pelvic muscles that contract unintentionally and prevent sexual intercourse in the case of vaginismus. By consciously contracting and relaxing this muscle group, it is strengthened and involuntary contractions are prevented.

Mirror Exercises

Understanding the structure of the vagina is very effective in overcoming the fear that causes vaginismus. Examining the structure of the vagina in front of the mirror is helpful in recognizing your own sexuality and overcoming the ambiguity that causes fear.

Finger Exercises

Massage and exercises to your vagina with your fingers are very important in the treatment of vaginismus. The exercise, which is done by, starting with your little finger, slowly pushing your index finger and then two fingers into your vagina, when combined with the kegel exercise, gives very good results on the conscious contraction of the pelvic muscles.

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