Vaginal Birth After Cesarean

Today, many women who have previously delivered a baby via cesarean section want to have their next delivery naturally. This did not seem possible until a while ago. However today, as long as the necessary conditions are met, c-section is no longer the only option for future deliveries of women who have delivered a baby via cesarean section before.

Today, the success rate in natural childbirth after c-section is 75%.  All the risks that the mother and the baby may go through should be evaluated in detail and all necessary conditions should be met for a healthy childbirth while planning a natural childbirth after c-section. Since a previous surgical operation is in question, the environment where the childbirth will take place should be fully equipped for any possible medical risk.

Although there are some risks in vaginal birth after c-section, its advantages for the mother are undeniable. There are many advantages of natural childbirth in terms of reducing the risk of postpartum complications, shortening the hospital stay, being able to hold your baby right after delivery, and increasing the number of children you can have in the future.

Opinions From Patients

  • Riskli bir hamilelik geçirdim. Hem hamilelik sürecimde hem de doğumda Aşkın Hoca'nın soğukkanlı ve güler yüzlü yaklaşımı sayesinde bebeğimi sağlıkla kucağıma alırım.
    Alev A.
  • Aşkın Hoca hamileliğim boyunca çok ilgili ve güven vericiydi. Tecrübeli, güler yüzlü ve samimi bir doktor. Her şey için çok teşekkür ederim.
    Duygu D.


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