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Robotic surgery is a minimally invasive endoscopic (closed surgery) type of surgery. The robotic surgery method, which is performed through multiple tiny incisions without the for large incisions, facilitates the treatment of many diseases substantially. While performing surgery with da Vinci, which is the world’s most advanced surgical robot,  the miniature instruments are mounted on three separate robotic arms, allowing the surgeon maximum range of motion and precision. Da Vinci’s fourth arm contains a magnified high-definition 3-D camera that guides the surgeon during the procedure.

By means of its 3-D camera technology, it is possible to get as close as possible to the area to be operated on. The surgeon controls the robot arms using a console. Through the fiber optic cables in the console and extend to the arms of the robot, by transferring the hand movements made by the surgeon to the robotic arms, it is ensured that the instruments such as surgical scissors, tissue or needle holders connected to the arms make the movements. Since the movement capacity of the instruments connected to the robotic arms is much more developed compared to the human hand, the procedure can be carried out in a much more detailed and efficient way. In this way, the margin of error is also minimised.

Opinions From Patients

  • Aşkın Hoca hamileliğim boyunca çok ilgili ve güven vericiydi. Tecrübeli, güler yüzlü ve samimi bir doktor. Her şey için çok teşekkür ederim.
    Duygu D.
  • Riskli bir hamilelik geçirdim. Hem hamilelik sürecimde hem de doğumda Aşkın Hoca'nın soğukkanlı ve güler yüzlü yaklaşımı sayesinde bebeğimi sağlıkla kucağıma alırım.
    Alev A.


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