Painless (Epidural) Childbirth

Painless childbirth or childbirth by epidural anaesthesia is a birth method that allows the mother to feel only the touching by blocking the sensation of pain during delivery. Labor pains are the pains felt at regular intervals in the lower back, groin and abdomen as a result of contractions when the childbirth process begins. These pains intimidate many expectant mothers and increase their stress levels before and during childbirth. One of the sine qua non of a healthy childbirth is for the expectant mother to feel comfortable and safe. At this point, painless (epidural) delivery is a frequently preferred method and seems to be an important support for a normal delivery.

In an epidural delivery, childbirth takes place normally. The mother is fully conscious and witnesses every moment of childbirth. She feels the contact, the pressure and the arrival of the baby, but does not feel any pain. She can hold her baby in her arms immediately after delivery.

In epidural anesthesia, medication is given at regular intervals through a catheter placed in the lumbar region of the expectant mother. The expectant mother begins not to feel any pain shortly after the first medication is administered.

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  • Aşkın Hoca hamileliğim boyunca çok ilgili ve güven vericiydi. Tecrübeli, güler yüzlü ve samimi bir doktor. Her şey için çok teşekkür ederim.
    Duygu D.
  • Riskli bir hamilelik geçirdim. Hem hamilelik sürecimde hem de doğumda Aşkın Hoca'nın soğukkanlı ve güler yüzlü yaklaşımı sayesinde bebeğimi sağlıkla kucağıma alırım.
    Alev A.


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