Test tube baby treatment, or as commonly known  in vitro fertilisation (IVF), is a complex series of procedures used to help with fertility or to prevent genetic problems and aid with the conception of a child. During IVF treatment, mature eggs are retrieved from your ovaries and fertilised by sperm in a laboratory environment. Afterwards, the fertilised egg, or embryo, is transferred to your uterus. This process takes approximately two weeks.


In vitro fertilization is a very successful method in overcoming fallopian tube damage or blockage, ovulation disorders, endometriosis, fibroids, or unexplained infertility.


IVF treatment is the most effective method of assisted reproductive technology. The procedure is carried out using the couple’s own eggs and sperm. In some countries, it can be performed through a known or anonymous sperm donor, or a gestational surrogate can be used if the woman is not suitable for pregnancy.


Your chances of having a healthy baby using IVF depend on many factors, such as your age and the cause of infertility. In addition, it should be taken into account that IVF treatment is a time-consuming and relatively expensive treatment. In case that more than one embryo is transferred to your uterus, there is a possibility of multiple pregnancy.

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