Detailed Ultrasound

Detailed ultrasound or level 2 ultrasound is an imaging method in which all organs of the baby can be examined in detail in the mother’s womb. In detailed ultrasound, ultrasound devices capable of three and four-dimensional imaging, Doppler and Color Doppler are used. With this test, high-risk pregnancies, congenital disabilities and anomalies can be determined.

The development of multiple pregnancies, organ anomalies and deficiencies, brain and spinal cord disorders can be detected in the early stages of pregnancy with detailed ultrasound, which offers a very detailed imaging opportunity. This evaluation, which is ideally done between 20-24 weeks, is recommended for all expectant mothers.

Opinions From Patients

  • Aşkın Hoca hamileliğim boyunca çok ilgili ve güven vericiydi. Tecrübeli, güler yüzlü ve samimi bir doktor. Her şey için çok teşekkür ederim.
    Duygu D.
  • Riskli bir hamilelik geçirdim. Hem hamilelik sürecimde hem de doğumda Aşkın Hoca'nın soğukkanlı ve güler yüzlü yaklaşımı sayesinde bebeğimi sağlıkla kucağıma alırım.
    Alev A.


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