Caesarean Section

C-section is the removal of the baby from the uterus with the help of an incision in the abdomen in cases where vaginal delivery is not possible. Although we love and support natural birth as doctors, we resort to c-section for the health of the mother and the baby in case the normal childbirth conditions are not met. In cases where the health of the mother or the baby is under threat or where the conditions for natural childbirth are not met, c-section becomes a necessity and ensures a successful delivery.

C-section can be applied in cases such as the baby’s inability to enter the birth canal, the mother’s having had a previous c-section, having undergone myomectomy, fibroid formations that block the birth canal, the placenta blocking the birth canal or multiple pregnancy. C-section can be applied in a planned manner before childbirth, as well as it can be resorted to during childbirth if necessary. The baby’s defecating and swallowing the feces during delivery, intense vaginal bleeding due to placental abruption (separation of the placenta from the uterine wall in the womb before the baby is born), irregularity in the baby’s heartbeat are the conditions in which urgent c-section is applied during delivery.The family should decide on “planned c-section” in accordance with the doctor’s recommendations.

During c-section, epidural or spinal anaesthesia is commonly used, but there are cases where it is performed under general anaesthesia.

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